Be a curated woman

I don’t like shopping, I like curating. I like knowing that every little piece in my closet has a special story. That’s why I am incredibly happy whenever I discover a new brand that offers great products, which is the case with Hermine Hold.

What I got from them is a beautiful silk scarf in white & yellow that feels like a gentle hug whenever wrapped around your neck. Everything from the packaging to the product itself is exquisite.

And the best part is that a scarf is the kind of accessory you can keep forever and wear & reinvent in countless ways. Around the neck, the hair, the wrist, the bag- you name it.

I am incredibly happy with this new treasure from Hermine Hold, and will definitely look into getting some more for my curated collection. If you are a scarf lover like me, I urge you to have a look as well, they also offer hair accessories and other cool items.

P.S. This post is not sponsored. I bought the item myself, I just genuinely love the product.

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