Bohemian Chic

The summer season calls for light materials, cheerful colours and statement jewelry.

I’ve been craving sun and good weather for many months and I am so happy to be able to take out my summer clothes once again. And with corona regulations being loosened a bit, we finally have a reason to go out and about.

This weekend Cris and I went to a picnic in the city park of Maastricht to meet some friends and obviously I was super enthusiastic to be out in nature.

I am usually a fan of floaty dresses during summer time, but since a picnic requires sitting on the ground, I decided that a pair of shorts would be a better option. I opted to wear my Sézane linen shorts, in combination with a crisp white linen shirt.

A small piece of advice for summer time styling is to choose natural materials such as linen or silk. These materials help you keep cool when the temperatures are rising, while still looking elegant.

Shorts: Sézane

Shirt: Cotton Club

Sneakers: Puma

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love those shorts!


  2. I love summers and the clothes we get to wear. Love your pants


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