Welcoming spring with some special pieces

During these strange times I find myself looking for new ways of bringing joy both to myself and to the people I love. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed is inevitable. Honestly, I tend to juggle with two main feelings: proud of myself for being able to keep a routine and doing a lot of creative things, or a bit anxious that I am not doing enough with my free time.

When times get challenging I find solace in beauty and creativity. I like seeing creators and business online coming together and working towards bringing some positivity to the world. This just shows once again that we’re all in this together and we can overcome the chaos.

Truth to be told, the current circumstances make me rethink the way I would like to spend my money, especially when we talk about fashion. I suppose I am not the only one in this, but I find that I prioritise investing in high quality items and/or supporting small business that offer great products. This is not a completely new thing for me, but in the last months I have become even more mindful about it.

And speaking in fashion/style terms perhaps many of you have seen that some of the world’s favourite luxury brands made the decision to have a price increase for their products, making them even less accessible to most people (especially keeping in mind the ongoing situation). Judging by the reactions online, I see that a lot of people are unhappy about it & see it as a strange move to make during corona.

Even though I think that businesses have the right to set their own prices, and fashion companies will not be increasing the prices of essential items, I do see why the news hit hard. Nobody wants more bad news.

With all these things going on, I decided that it’s time to invest in one luxury item that has been on my list for a long time- a Hermes silk scarf. Ever since a child I’ve been dreaming about having something from this iconic company and I am very happy to have made this dream come true.

I went for the La Naissance d’une Idee Eyeliner scarf (The Birth of an Idea), which is a perfect metaphor for my love of creativity.

Even though I’ve had it for less than a week, it has already brought me so much joy. Just like a child, from time to time I got to my room, open the orange box and just look at it haha

Below you can see how I’ve style it the first time I wore it outside. Wearing it made me feel so special and happy- definitely worth the investment.

Trench: Pimkie
Bag: Furla
Jeans: Sezane
Sneakers: Puma
Scarf: Hermes

What are your thoughts on fashion investments? I’d love to see them 🙂

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