The Quarantine Diaries: Wearing Lipstick Once Again

I like to start my posts on a positive note so I’d to open today’s article by sharing that the corona measures in the Netherlands are finally taking a step towards being more relaxed.

As of today (11th May) many close contact business are reopening and more and more and more activities will be allowed. The weather is also trying to get better (well this week didn’t get the memo, but overall it’s all taking a turn for the better?

During the weekend I managed to have a walk to the city center and finally got to wear my espadrilles (a co minute of celebration here).

Not only that but my biggest achievement was putting on some red lipstick, which pre-quarantine was my go-to.

There’s always something about putting that extra effort in that makes you feel better about yourself, right? I once found a quote in a book that I really loved, and it said that “it makes you more prepared to fulfill the purpose for which you were brought to this world”. Poetic & beautiful, isn’t it?

I’d love to hear how you’ve been dealing with the ongoing situation so don’t be shy to share 😊

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