Life during a Quarantine: Tips & Tricks

black dress

During these strange time of quarantine, I have found it so important to check on people you know & love. Just a simple “hello, how are you doing” can do wonders and bring a smile to someone. That’s why I’ve set a goal for myself to check on at least one person every day- it doesn’t have to be a hour-long conversation, just a quick chat. And it’s been wonderful.

I know that social media has been flooded with tips & tricks on how to tackle the excessive staying at home in the best way, so I won’t bore you too much with additional advice. I just wanted to come here quickly and share a word or two on what’s helped me stay sane & happy.

I find that having a good routine is key to maintaining the feeling of having a bit of (healthy) control in your life. By this I mean trying to wake up on time, not going to bed too late, doing a small workout, and focusing on cooking healthier meals. In general I’ve decided to adopt the habit of taking care of three aspects of “me” every day: something for my physical condition, something that would expand my academic knowledge/intellect, and something that will help my mindfulness. This is not something I started during the quarantine, but rather something I’ve practiced for a couple of years. Needless to say, it’s been a blessing now.

So every day I do a short meditation, I do a quick online class in Spanish, and I do some physical activity to get rid of any excessive energy.

Additionally, the newly found free time has sparkled a new interest in creative activities. I try to come up with new recipes, I’ve taken up painting and online classes on different topics such as video editing and Illustrator.

The video below is my second attempt of a fashion video, and my first ever IGTV upload. So have a look if you have time 🙂

And finally I am curious to read how you handle the quarantine, so feel free to share in the comments below.


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