Talking Fashion & Real Life

Today’s post will begin a bit differently than usual. As we all know the corona virus has been the most prominent topic in our lives for a couple of months now.

Since Monday people in the Netherlands have been asked to stay at home and do home office if possible. This is something I’ve been very fortunate to do (I know not everyone has the opportunity to do so) and so far being at home has been a very positive experience for me, since I love my apartment very much.

And generally, with the virus going on we’ve seen some good and some not so good aspects of our communities and of us as people. By not so good I mean individuals buying out products in supermarkets with no consideration for others, and by positive all these great people who have come together to help the elderly or anyone in need.

And to be honest with you, I have decided to focus more on the good things going on, to talk about them and spread awareness for the actions that can bring value to our society.

All that time at home is also doing wonders for my creativity and desire to experiment with the clothing I already have. The outfit I am posting is something I wore a while ago- I simply love the combination of patterns from the skirt and tights. And what better than a cosy, fluffy sweater?

I’d like to end this post by saying this: let’s take this time away from our normal busy lives to inspire ourselves and reflect on what we can do better. Make the choice to be as active as the circumstances allow and gather new strength to creat amazing things!

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