Wearing red in Venice

It’s already been a week since I’m back from my vacation in Italy. And let me kick this post off by asking this question: have you ever felt like you need a vacation after your vacation?

We (by we I mean my lovely boyfriend and myself) visited so many beautiful places, ate amazing food (people weren’t lying that food in Italy is amazing) and of course had great wine.

For me it was the first time visiting Italy, but as my boyfriend is Italian, I was lucky to have a great guide who showed me around and helped me ordering food.

Today, I’d like to share with you photos from my absolutely favourite location: Venice. There is something about this city that makes you feel as if you’ve been transported to another century. Beautiful architecture, the romance of the gondolas and the many many little shops that just invite you to step in.

For my visit in the city, I really wanted to wear a red dress. No particular reason, I just had the feeling that a special city like that deserves a special dress- and let’s just say I wasn’t wrong.

Have a look at some of my favourite photos below.

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  1. Venice is absolutely gorgeous, I went in the summer just passed and i fell in love with it. I love your dress too!


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