Celebrating the New Year in style!

Dear all,

I am very happy to be writing the first publication for 2019 in my blog. I’d like to kick off by wishing each one of you all the best throughout the new year, and may positivity and negativity never leave your side.

Scrolling through my Instagram I see that everyone is looking forward to starting on a new slate and everyone is busy working on their new year resolutions.

Although I have never really been too strict with myself about making specific resolutions, here are some points I really want to focus on in the upcoming months:

  • Investing more time in myself: I have always described myself as quite the introverted person and as such I really value the time I get to spend alone, reflecting on events, ideas and goals. In the last months I feel like I have neglected this need of mine a bit and have gotten too involved in issues that when looking back seem silly and quite frankly unnecessary. This being said, I want to make more time and really prioritize myself above everything and everyone. Not in a selfish and arrogant way, but more in a healthy one.
  • Nothing is more important than health: Building up on the first point, taking care of oneself is essential. My self-care routine includes healthy eating, enough sleep, meditation and exercise. I don’t like strict regimes because they take the pleasure out of everything, but I am all up for a motivation to make myself even stronger and more capable to face the challenges of life.
    Creativity triumphs all: Finally, I’d like to focus more on my creative side. This includes learning new skills, posting more regularly here (yes, I do admit I am not the most organized blogger), and generally channeling my energy into something productive and beneficial not just for me, but also for people around me.

And of course no blog post in here can miss the topic of fashion; that’s why here’s a photo of my outfit for the New Year party I attended.

I went for a gold suede dress and a black corset- making sure that I feel elegant and festive.

Thank you so much for reading and don’t shy away from sharing your New Year’s resolutions. 🙂

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