How to make a vacation special

Hello everyone!

After a short time away I am back to my blog to share with you my latest thoughts and fashion/beauty inspirations 🙂

The reason behind my absence is my vacation to Málaga, Spain. It was a wonderful week which included lovely trips, days on the beach and amazing food (too much at times).

I kicked off this blog with a first publication about my visit to Barcelona and for this reason anything related to Spain will be very dear to me. Something about this country really makes me feel happy and inspired not only in terms of fashion and outfits, but also in terms of mentality of life. The overall atmosphere there makes me indulge in my life more, enjoy the little moments and appreciate the people & circumstances around me. And those feelings are something I strive to bring back with me when I go home and go on with my daily life.

Fashion-wise, my trips to Spain bring out in me the desire to experiment with colors, textures and new styles. Dresses with embroidery, floral prints, and bright patters- why not?

You know, when I was younger I always radiated towards dark colors and really clean silhouettes. My mother used to criticize me all the time, saying that youth should be celebrated with vibrant colors and crazy stuff. It wasn’t till I became more independent and started really discovering my style and having proper self-confidence that I stopped being afraid of the bright, colorful sections in the clothing shops. Now that I have taken this step, there is no going back.

Have a look at some of my vacation photos to see my style inspirations.

I would love to know what inspires you in your trips. Feel free to share with me in the comment section below.

Xx Polly

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