One item that can change your style forever

For anyone interested in style and fashion I bet that they have come across the term “French chic”. What does that mean?

The allure of the French women’s style is in choosing minimalist basics, looking nonchalant, as if not putting too much effort, and wearing clothes with an attitude that makes them look amazing.

If you do a simple research you might see classic staples that are classified as French chic but I am here to share a secret item that has transformed my closet in the past months.

During most of my life I have been a skinny jeans kind of girl. Basically jeans was my clothing item of choice and I never thought about replacing it. This, however, was the case till I came across a French subscription box service called Gambettes Box. Every month they deliver a box with two pairs of tights to your door, with the tights being mostly black. Sometimes they deliver other colors such as burgundy or dark purple, but no bright, rainbow colors.

The designs are breathtaking every time and have never disappointed me. Very often I receive pairs with patters that most likely I would not buy for myself if I have to choose in a shop. Needless to say, the surprise element of getting a box of goodies at some point during the month makes my Gambettes Boxes the highlight of every month.

Ever since I have subscribed to that service, tights are the statement piece in my closet and I wear mostly skirts and dresses so that I can show off the different designs.

You can see the website of the service here.

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